Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hitachi Results Update

Hitachi Home & Life Solutions (I) Ltd. Has delivered lackluster results for the first quarter.

Sales grew at a decent 25.36 % from 148.49 crore to 186.15 crore.
Other Income fell from 4.52 crore to 1.58 crore
Profit before tax remained flat at 20.96 crore compared to 20.49 crore.
Profit After Tax fell 8.75 % from 17.37 crore to 15.85 crore.

It seems that the company has been impacted by the rise in input costs particularly copper and plastics. We have to see how the company manages to handle these challenges from here on and whether it can continue to display the growth that it has shown in the past.

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Japans stock market must be in the longest bear market in history.